Grades 9, 10 Ÿ 1 Credit – Semester

Students will learn the basics of the horticulture and agriculture industry.  Skills will be developed in plant identification, selection, propagation, cultivation, and marketing.  Students will plan, plant, and harvest a garden as well as work on seasonal projects.  They will use a variety of horticulture tools and equipment while working on projects in the greenhouses and around the campus.  Students will have the opportunity to compete in agriculture events during the year.


Grades 9, 10, 11, 12 Ÿ 1 Credit - Semester

Urban arborculture provides students with an introduction to the urban forestry industry including tree identification, chain saw safety and working with climbing ropes and gear. Course includes safe, efficient use of tools and equipment necessary for this field.  As class progresses, student explore professional organizations, journals, industry standards, current literature and career opportunities.  Course includes class work and hands on activities including working outdoors in all weather conditions.



Grades 9, 10, 11, 12 Ÿ 1 Credit - Semester

Greenhouse Management will develop student skills in the use of greenhouse environments and the technology used in the production of greenhouse crops.  Students will participate in exercises on greenhouse strictures, heating and cooling, growing media, crop nutrition, photoperiod control and crop scheduling.  Activities include techniques in propagating plants both by sexual and asexual means, producing ornamental and vegetable crops, and controlling plant insects and pathogens.



Grades 9, 10, 11, 12 Ÿ 1 Credit - Semester

Participant in this class will be learning about preserving and enhancing the green spaces of our environment.  Student will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to care for residential, commercial and public grounds in a safe, efficient and sustainable manner.   Classroom study will be combined with the hands on maintenance and management of campus landscapes.  This class will have frequent outdoor lab work throughout the school year.




Grades 9, 10, 11, 12 Ÿ 1 Credit - Semester

This is the largest segment of the plant agriculture in New England.  Students will prepare for careers in greenhouse, garden center and florist management by handling, selecting and marketing horticultural crops.  Activities include properly applying the principles of sustainable agriculture and plant production.  Proper use and maintenance of horticulture tools and equipment along with safety is emphasized.  Students will have the opportunity to work in the student run greenhouses and flower shop where they can develop and practice skills in marketing, communication and entrepreneurship.



Grades 11, 12 Ÿ 1 Credit - Semester

This is the capstone class open to students contemplating a career in the Horticulture industry.  Elements of arboriculture, floriculture, landscaping, grounds maintenance and sustainable horticulture will be emphasized to enhance earlier coursework.  This hands on class will have frequent projects.  Students will combine classroom lessons with regular outdoor lab work throughout the year.

Instructor: John Mitchell

Phone: 603-352-0640 x3705

Email: jmitchell@sau29.org

Instructor: Michele Chalice

Phone: 603-352-0640 x3693

Email: mchalice@sau29.org

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