Culinary Arts




Grades 10, 11 Ÿ 2 Credits - Full Year

Recommended to take prior to, or concurrently with, Foods and Nutrition, Seasonal Foods and Career Math. This is the first course in becoming a chef or working in the food service industry. Students are introduced to basic food preparation, sanitation practices, safety, nutrition, customer service and basic baking.  While operating the Cheshire Room restaurant, students learn how to prepare hot and cold meals, soups, sauces and desserts. Teamwork, communication, reliability and dependability are highlighted.  Closed toed, rubber-soled shoes a requirement.  Students are required to purchase uniforms for approximately $65.00





Grade 11, 12 Ÿ 2 Credits – Full Year

Pre-requisite:  Successful completion of Culinary I competencies, grade C or better and teacher recommendation. Articulation Agreement with Culinary Institute of America and Lakes Region Community College – 3 credits. The course content continues to develop skills in food preparation exposing students to a variety of cooking methods such as moist heat, dry heat and combination cooking.  Baking will introduce students to yeast breads, pizza dough, rolls and dessert preparation.  Additional skills taught include supervisory management, problem solving, costs analysis, event planning, menu development and labor relations.  Work-based learning (co-op) in the restaurant industry may be arranged for eligible students

Instructor: Scott Rogers

Phone: 603-352-0640 x3300


Instructor: Kathleen Polifrone

Phone: 603-352-0640 x3300


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