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The Cheshire Career Center Cosmetology program is a two year sequence for Junior and Senior high school students enrolled in Keene, Fall Mountain or Monadnock High Schools.

This program introduces students to career skills in hair, skin and nail care.  Students engage in hands on assignments in the clinic, along with supporting lessons in the classroom.  Teamwork, communications, reliability and dependability are stressed as important job skills to obtain and maintain employment in the field of Cosmetology.  Students have the opportunity to participate in several classroom competitions, with the chance to compete at the state level.   

Cosmetology students will each become licensed in the classroom, and they will have the opportunity to work on manikins and clients in the clinic.  Students are awarded credit hours as they successfully complete competencies, which transfer to a post-secondary program.  This reduces the time and money needed for the complete Cosmetology program. 




This course will introduce students to skills involving the study of hair, skin and nails.  Techniques will include hairstyles from the past and present, on real hair manikins.  Skin care including facials and make-up application as well as the foundations of nail care, including manicuring and nail art are included in this program.  All of the work will take place in an area that simulates a natural salon environment.  Students have the opportunity to work in the clinic on clients, demonstrating the techniques that they develop, using proper sanitation and organizational skill necessary for Cosmetology.  Students will need to register and pay for a student license with the State Board of Cosmetology approximately $25.




Prerequisite: Successful completion of Cosmetology 1 with a grade of 75% or better and completion of state competencies and state lab required hours Articulation Agreement with Keene Beauty Academy Cosmetology students will continue to master the skills learned during the first year of the program.  They will increase their contact time with clients and have the opportunity to be involved with fundraisers including Birthday parties, Staff Manicure nights, and the Cheshire Center's fashion show.  Students will also have the ability to participate in visits to area schools, up-do competitions, and the fall Cosmetology in Action hair expo.  Second year students will need to purchase a cutting manikin and registration for SkillsUSA New Hampshire, costing approximately $50.

Instructor: Dawn Lagace

Phone: 603-352-0640 x3402

Email: dlagace@sau29.org


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