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Careers In Education is for students who are seeking a career in education. Have you thought about being a teacher? Counselor? Speech Therapist? Develop the skills to prepare for a career working with children and preparing for post secondary education.  The program offers first hand experience in the laboratory preschool classroom along with opportunities to observe how children grow and develop in elementary and middle school settings. 




There are no prerequisites for this course. This is the first course of a two year series.

The focus of this course is on the foundations of education.  Students will discover beginning teaching skills, classroom management techniques and study educational theorists. With these skills students will be able to work effectively with children of various ages and development. Reading, writing and research skills in addition to hands-on activities, are incorporated throughout this program to develop the skills needed to be college and career ready. There will be opportunities to work in our on-site laboratory school to put theory into practice. 





Prerequisite: Successful completion of NH State Competencies taught in Careers in Education I.

Articulation Agreement with River Valley Community College -    credits

This course offers students an opportunity to utilize the skills presented in Careers in Education I while working in the on-site preschool program. Students will develop a high level of confidence as beginner educators and explore various careers in the education field. Students will conduct observations, assessments, write lesson plans and reflect on their teaching styles as they navigate through working with children of different ages. Students may be placed off-site in the community to further enhance their experience. Students must be currently certified in CPR and First Aid (training is offered annually). Students will compile a pre-professional teaching portfolio.

Instructor: Jennifer Antosiewicz

Phone: 603-352-0640 x3411


Instructor: Cheryl Lamoureux

Phone: 603-352-0640 x3410


Instructor: Elizabeth Gunnell (Para)

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Instructor: Megan Pratt (Para)

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