What is career and technical education?

New Hampshire Career and Technical Education (CTE) is hands-on, real-world learning that applies directly to a job or career.  CTE is offered at the high school level statewide and leads to well-paying jobs and fulfilling careers.  Students explore their interests such as health care, automotive technology or finance while earning college credits and industry certifications, before entering college.

The Benefits of the Cheshire career center: 

Prepares Students for Success by Connecting Classroom Lessons to Career Ambitions

  • Project-based curriculum

  • Job shadows, internships, worked based learning

  • Employability skills and development of work-ready ethics and values

  • Career pathway guidance and postsecondary education planning

Provides Students with The Tools to Succeed

  • Modern facilities with industrial grade equipment

  • Accomplished instructors who have proven themselves in their respective fields

  • Industry and community reference and networking contacts

  • Access to state and national co-curricular organizations (CTSOs)

Propels Students Down Career Pathways

  • Developing a strategic approach to education, career choice, and readiness

  • Collecting college credits that jumpstart postsecondary pathways

  • Earning industry-recognized certifications and licensing hours

  • Gaining authentic, career-focused education and experience

The Cheshire Career Center


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